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I’m offering to help business owners with no strings attached because I am starting a new company.  I believe that helping others is the best way that I know to create introductions and speak with other business professionals who may wish to refer people to me.  Transparency and honesty is always the best policy in my book.

Just answer the 3 questions below in an email to me and I’ll reply with my 2 cents promptly.  If you wish to call me, email first before calling and let me know a good time for you.  My phone number is listed below.

  • What is the most important activity in your business – sales, marketing, hiring, recruiting, mobile device security (EMS), continuity, training, team collaboration, the Internet?
  • Are you currently struggling with this activity and is it affecting your business results?
  • Do you want some objective and confidential ideas and opinions on how to improve the activity and relieve some of the pain and challenge?

Here’s my story:

My name is Tony and I am currently the Founder/CEO of CorePro Business Solutions.  We offer Internet marketing, Business VoIP, Microsoft Cloud Services and Working Capital to small, mid-market and enterprise hero’s! 

Prior to CorePro, I was the founder of two (2) other start-up companies.  The first was in product development and started with a $50k investment that grew to $8.7 million in annual sales.  The second, a research company, produced $300k in 1st year sales revenue.  I started the 2nd company after dissolving a bad business partnership.  It wasn’t all bad, but it got ugly and I went through hell as a result of the break up.  Winston Churchill once said, “if you are going through hell, just keep going”, so that’s what I do…I just keep going!

As an entrepreneur, I have worn all the hats – administrative, sales and business development, training and change agent, human resources, operations, customer service, accounting, collections, strategic planning and forecasting.  I’m used to having skin in the game.  I’ve crafted and reviewed hundreds of strong legal documents, signed leases, and personal guarantees, negotiated with vendors, hired and fired employees and earned the revenue to make payroll.  I am UNIQUELY qualified to help the right businesses grow exponentially, rapidly and change the world.   I’ve experienced bringing in the very 1st dollar, as well as, the office supplies.  I also made damn good coffee to boot!

If you believe that everything in our universe happens for a reason, then this posting is no accident.  I bring great ideas, real world experience, sales & closing skill, general and specialized knowledge and intelligence.

Always be proactive, maintain a sense of urgency, a competitive spirit, professionalism and exhibit world class leadership. I welcome a business discussion with gratitude. Truly great leaders are willing, when occasion demands, to render and perform any sort of service, which they would ask of another. 

The greatest among ye, shall be servant of all.  Live with a servant heart.  I want you to crush it in 2017.  

p: 305-814-5452